14K Gold Fill Fine Beading Chain .6mm Bulk By The Foot

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Delicate 14K gold filled beading chain, in a slender (.6mm) width. Quantity: BULK BY THE FOOT. The quantity you order is the number of feet you will receive. All cut chain sales are final. We are not able to accept returns or process refunds of cut chain. Please check description for measurement details so you are assured you are ordering the right size chain for your project. How do you use it? See our extra photos for examples of use, made in this way: string the beads of your choice on a piece of this chain, and when you like what you've made, simply squeeze a Gold Filled Beading Chain Endcap (sold separately) onto each end (our fancy crimp cord end in 1mm also works for this purpose). Then you can fasten a clasp (such as a 5.5mm Spring Ring Clasp) to one end, and a jump ring or split ring to the other. You can even add a piece of extender chain to the end with the jump ring, to make your necklace adjustable in length. Suggestion #1: if you cut a 5-foot piece into 4 equal lengths, each length will be 15 Inches. Once you add end caps and a clasp, you will have four 16-inch necklaces. Add a piece of extender chain (such as cable chain or curb chain) to a necklace to make it as long as 18 inches. Suggestion #2: If you cut varying lengths of necklaces and end up with some small pieces of chain going unused, you can make some cool earring dangles by stringing a few beads on a short piece of chain, then tucking both ends of the chain into one 1mm fancy crimp (with loop) and crimping. Make sure you like the way it looks before doing any crimping! The chain will fall into a fashionable long teardrop shape, with the beads at the bottom. Then you can hook the fancy crimp loop onto an earring hook. Just make sure that for your other earring you use a piece of chain that is exactly the same length as the first. Ta-daa! Some very hip earrings.

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